Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Top 5 Free Dating Sites

So far I’ve been using some really good free dating networks for those that can not or should not use a credit card to register. These sites offer great value even if free and can help you meet new and interesting people online and possibly date offline afterwards.

So let's move on quickly, here's my top5 free dating sites. 

Plenty of Fish is one of the biggest and most famous free dating sites which any blog talking about free dating sites should mention. Very popular in Canada, the UK, Australia and the United States but also in other parts of the world, Plenty of fish is the creation of Markus Frind and relies on advertising to generate necessary revenue. A premium paid membership is also available, marking such users as “Serious”. There are reportedly over 11 million members on this network.

Woo Me is a personals and dating community with mostly people under 40 years old. It is a relatively new player in the market but its technology has been favored by users. It’s speed-dating feature where users have “speed dates” via webcam and microphone is very cool, finding you matches fast.

This free dating network with tens of thousands of users worldwide is a very reliable and “hassle-free” site to find a new date. Features are not anything great but Date Hookup is quickly becoming a favorite to users.

Its matchmaking approach and unbelievable free membership make OkCupid one of the top dating sites, competing easily with some premium services out there. Loads of people into alternative relationships and dating are using this side.

One large network with many international users and social networking applications is Casual Kiss. Casual Kiss is mostly favored by younger audiences but has many rich features.

Personally would recommend creating profiles on all of them and find out the one that you feel most comfortable using. Each has unique features and all are useful and fit the purpose of finding a date without a credit-card.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Be Wary of Your Status and Public Profile Updates on Social Networks and Dating Sites

As we become more technologically savvy, the Internet is becoming increasingly a necessary research tool of online activities of others. Think about how  many people could track your secret dating activities simply by doing a Google search.

You might also find yourself in strange and awkward situations when posting photos, real-world activity updates (think FourSquare) and other information that can link you to an activity you don't feel confident other people knowing about you, say in your work environment.

Many people I know try to use different profiles and even different simcards on their mobile phones as a security precaution, but still you may not fully realize the extent of your actions until you are confronted in a bad situation.

My Top Five - the best dating free sites

Dating sites have been online for years, but now that Internet dating becomes a clear alternative for services paid matchmaking dating online became really popular. But of course, no dating sites some costs are better than the rest.

The sites below are the best free dating sites on the web today.

 Kiss casual.This is a great site to meet with young people.Many customers are under 25 years old, and uses social networks in its connections.Occasional Kiss is fun and branché.Parfait for young professionals looking for like-minded singles in the same spirit.

OkCupid. Messenger of love is well living on this site. Apart from the fact that it is free, it still offers all the advantages of boys big image, along with personality testing. Unlike many dating sites, OkCupid allows you to connect with everyone, even to people with whom you are not compatible. It also allows you to create a profile which gives you the ability to use many different search options to find dating mates. More intimate you are looking for something just a date, you should check out AdultFriendFinder. Sexy photos here with you to find thousands of like minded adults, cases, discrete relationships and sexual encounters will demand. Best of all it is free to register so what are you waiting for?

Woo me. This is certainly one of the greatest free dating sites. Most peple on Woo me belong in the middle-aged demographic and creating a new account is quick and easy. The speed dating functionality is one of the most popular aspects of this Web site. Using this, a person can have a speed date of computer accessories.

Date of connection. If you are simply searching for a quick and easy date without any fussy long-term obligations, it is the ideal site.The Matchmaking Online website is not big on the elements, but it's so user-friendly that even those who feel very amateur with computers can use the site.

Ok there must be thousands more but I think these are some of my favorite ones.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How to approach a woman you never knew before

How can I seduce a nice girl I am starring at in the bar? This is perhaps one of the most frequently asked dating questions and certainly there is no easy answer to this. It all depends on the environment you both happen to be in, other people who may be interfering etc. So it all comes down to your specific situation.

Seduction (meaning attraction) is not about some secret or magic skills that will “make the trick" and make women instantly fall in love. It is a natural consequence from a series of actions and reactions and the only way to be successful in this is to have worked some quality skills which can help you manage each situation accordingly.

Instead of focusing on a fantastic magic trick, let’s get the facts right and get better at seducing women. Here are my top 2 dating tips that all men need to work out to be more successful with their dating efforts.

- Observation

When you are in a bar or other public place, the first thing to do is start observing the women that seem to be alone or seem to be "playing games" with their eyes and smiles. When you do notice some interesting presence in the crowd, start observing what she does or what she talks about with her friend. Also try to notice things like a tattoo, a truly nice piece of jewelry, etc. That should give you plenty of ideas regarding what her immediate interests are. That way when the time is right, you have things to start a chat and gain her interest.

- The big step

Recently I was offering some counseling and advice service to someone who had trouble approaching women (let alone seducing them). The most troublesome of his experiences is when he likes a woman whom he never met before and wants to approach and get to meet with her. It is much easier than most men think, as long as you keep cool, show confidence and read my other blog posts for more advice and tips on how to improve your skills.

Stop thinking about your sexual appetites for a minute and just play it plain and cool. Don't act heavily and do not cause the woman to fall in 2 minutes.

It is as simple as having something to comment on and get yourself up there and make that comment without letting fear or anything else come in your way. Play safe and cool and it all will go well.

And don't get into the disappointing mode if you get rejected. Not every woman is free and up for dating. Gently walk and move on to the next adventure. In the end you have nothing to lose and you may as well never meet that woman ever in your life again.

And make pretty well sure you have some good comment to make, rather than "I love your boobies babe".

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Be pleased but also be a pleasant lover

It is nice to be pleased by a fancy lady but in a date theres always 2 sides dating not just you. It is important to your success to understand that women were not meant to be pleasing in bed but also need some tender pleasure.

Put interesting things and acts together that you both enjoy and who knows, you might have a very nice treat every now and then. It is a give and get situation and it is important that both parties have an equal share of the pleasure pie.

Also don't just act for your temporal surge and then sleep. Make sure the chemistry and atmosphere is right before jumping into your game.

No Condoms No Excuse

Men tend to not have grown up sometimes. What do you mean you want to have sex even if you forgot your fancy night glowing condoms? This is not only dangerous for yourself but is dangerous for the women you get in contact with.

So rule #1 and must have is at least 3 condoms in your wallet or coat.

Improve Your Approaching Skills Even More

Those who are into perfecting their method, should always be on the watch out for reasons for starting a real chat.
  • Show confidence – Women can easily fall to someone as long as he is inspiring confidence into his talk, motion and body language.
  • Use the right color combination and pay extra attention to the shoes and rule 5 in my 7 rules to Approach a Woman blog.
  • Don't overdo your trendy grooming. If it is evening, wear something sporty and casual but also smart dressing.
  • Talk about pleasant and entertaining topics. Find something she loves doing.
  • Continue to smile and be funny. Entertainment is the key here along with comfort and a nice atmosphere flying in the air.
 There are possibly many more things that can get you moving with your approaching skills. You can always watch others how they do it in places you go. There are definitely lines that can make a big difference and get a woman to be attracted to you. 

And don't be afraid to go after some marvelous girl you see sitting at the opposite side of the bar. Following these simple rules can improve your dating success rate. Just be genuine and original as much as possible.

The 7 Rules for Approaching a Woman

There are 7 rules men need to take into consideration in order to approach a woman directly. Anything less is doomed to fail.

The rules apply for when being in a bar or other public place, a restaurant or wherever you see a woman you really fancy.
  • Good sense of humor without using common and boring jokes.
  • Fantastic sense of freshness and cleanliness.
  • A promising smile all along the duration of your first contact
  • Be shiny, polished and well groomed. Each time you go out.
  • Watch your shoes and always use the same color for your shoes and belt.
  • Be entertaining and interesting. No one wants to hang out with a silent person.
  • Keep good eye contact.
Follow these and let me know how it went.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cleverly present your identiry

When the unexpected happens and you notice a girl looking at you - say at a bar, always try to bring up clever answers and tips. Most people admit that the first impression where you get a chance to showcase your identity and most importantly show confidence and be compassionate where possible.
The first thing that pops into the mind is probably a lazy "I'm a rockstar" type of person, but the girl you are trying to get in whatever contact with might be much more clever than you think.
This is your excellent opportunity to show how attractive you can be so don't waste it.
  • Try clever things to say
  • Show compassion
  • Don't be too clever
  • Present your personality skills

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Feel addicted to sex or anything but sex?

Lets face it, this blog is mainly visited by male readers so this post is about those of you who just can't think of anything else but sex.with your date. This is something called addiction and is considered to be an addiction similar to alcohol or drugs.

It is quite hard to identify the symptoms or even get to admit you are an addict, but with the rate of people freely browsing through pornography on the Internet or getting into phone sex are constantly increasing, and this does not only include men but also 20% of those are women.

Finding the right balance between your fantasy and your real world is very important, primarily for your date to be able to cope with your daily needs. Especially during your first few dates it is impossible to notice or even care about that.

The best thing to do is to visit a therapist and start working your way out of this viscious cycle. Also a good advice is to start preferring to go out and socialize than stay in and focus on your sexual feelings at home.

Being an addict can lead to severe problems for your partner and usually, since people find it very hard to realise or admit their addiction to sex, there is no other way than to break the relationship.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ways to improve your love

As mentioned in my previous blog post, mutual respect is a deciding factor in a relationship. Learn how to improve your love with Laura's practical dating and relationships tips.

  • Make sure your communications channels are clear and open
  • Your woman needs to see in actions that you understand her needs
  • Sure there can be problems but try to find the most acceptable solution for you both. Oh and make sure you stick to it
  • Care for your woman is not only for her sexual needs but also to understand her feelings and behavior during the time you spend together.
  • You may find that sometimes she is not up to having sex at random times during the day every day.
  • Violence leads to unnecessary and terminal relationship problems which are long-term and almost impossible to achieve. Violence, whether physical, sexual or mental, is very inhumane way for men to show their muscular superiority against unprotected minors.

The Most Significant Unhealthy Relationship Sign

When you are in a short relationship with a woman you usually don't bother looking into the "health status" of your relationship with your date. But when thinking of switching your dating to long-term, then there are always things that start to frustrate you and make you feel anything but secure.

Start taking the facts down and start to think long-term as well. Are you prepared to have to live with the problems already experienced with your woman? And if yes, will that be for the rest of your life?

Start thinking about your future as well as this is something very crucial before committing yourself into any long-term relationship.

Mutual Respect

Perhaps the most important factor is respect. If you don't feel you get the respect you deserve then start thinking about your exit strategy.

When there are comments flying around at random times (during arguments or while spending some precious time together) like those that are negative for your professional life or other lifestyle aspiration you have, then it is time to start forgetting about any long-term relationship plans.

From my personal experience and from that of some friends, loss of respect by your woman towards yourself is a sign she does not want to compromise and respect your needs and aspirations apart from doing the homework for you, or anything else she may be claiming.

It is not the end of the world to start thinking negatively and questioning your date's attitude and overall behavior against you.

Friday, March 19, 2010

How to keep your relationship healthy when married with kids

Women tend to live more lively these days with many now doing professional careers and are away from home for many hours each day. Daily life can become dull and meaningless when you start to think more about the problems than the things you love.

Having kids makes that even harder and problems with your wife can start becoming a frustration. So how do you spice up your relationship?

A woman can be deeply hurt if she feels that she is not wanted. That is when you might notice her behavior starts to change and she begins questioning things and trying to make a point.

Personally think it all starts from our sex lives. If we can’t find harmony, fulfillment and happiness in our sexual lives then life itself starts becoming dull and boring, something that also influences our relationships.

Freshness always keeps us going through our work lives, so either you spend some meaningful time together or just forget about it altogether. Start doing things you both like and not just what you only like. Try to bridge that communication gap and talk about the problems with your relationship or marriage with your woman.

If that doesn’t work take some time off. Spend 2-3 weeks away and then meet-up again to see how it feels. Does it feel fresh? Do some of the initial magic in your relationship still dominates the atmosphere?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes then you probably need to reconsider your behavior and make your woman do the same. Spend some good time together and cheer up your kids as well. If too many such problems start to happen in your relationship, they can also affect your kids so start making a wise choice for yourself and everyone else.

So do take that occasional luxury hotel private moments, do go out for a lovely meal, do join in with friends and start moving on with thinking more about what you love than what turns you down.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

More success for your dating and relationships

Wondering how to become more successful with women? Success depends on the very specialized task of making sure you are attractive to women and best of all that you can understand their aspirations, way of thinking, their feelings and other stuff

Most males will argue that females are very strange beings with unusual mind-set, but they fail to address the needs of the woman they refer to. They fail to understand her needs, fail to take corrective action, fail to think outside their selfishness. Understanding the other half of your relationship and avoiding to impose your way of thinking into her mentality can dramatically improve your “status” in your woman’s eyes and your relationship will enter a completely new era.

If you feel that this is not something that suits your character or your ego, just stop it right there and avoid driving your relationship in more painful situations for both yourself and your woman. Just be sincere and walk off. Nobody can prove you wrong and most importantly you can focus on things you love most without the disturbance of your relationship.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Which day of the week is best for dating?

Some people prefer to date during weekends. Married men tend to date girfriends during weekdays so as not to raise suspicions.

But what is the ideal day for dating?

I'd say Saturdays are always best. You don't have to go to work the following day, you can stay out drinking and partying longer.

On the other hand, many likeminded people do the same on Saturdays, so most proper places are overbooked, noisy and can be unpleasant.

Going at a restaurant which is packed full is not my ideal scenario for dating. The buzz around you makes dating unexpected and can destroy the magic (if any).

Those who can afford it, booking at a luxury hotel and not having to care is best, but if you prefer your place you need to prepare and follow my earlier advice.

Also women tend to enjoy the fun at a "buzzy" nightclub, or a bar. But during weekdays this can be a lot of fun in a very pleasant environment.

When a girl is let down...

Men lose patience and make careless decisions when they feel rejected, starting to get furious, feel treated bad etc.

Usually small little details don't matter. For example you might have dated a girl who does not want to get into a steady relationship.

The reason may be quite unbelievable, but try to think about the woman you are dating, her needs within the context of events happening that may keep her focus on anything other than having a lovely relationship with a man and focusing on getting a family together.

Timing is of essence here and don't get yourself into the silly arguments of the type "but you are living in New York, I am living in New York, so nothing can go wrong"...

Just face it like a man and move on. There's plenty of girls, women, ready for anything you wanna do (almost)...

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cooking advice when you have to cook food

When cooking a meal for dating the important thing to remember is to cook something light. This can lead to problems you haven't probably imagined yet, so here's the full story.

Cooking something light is perfect for combining with white wine, so get your wine pairing skills up to date and cook something impressive.

Here are some tips on wine pairing:

  • Try cooking the Beef Tenderloin Medallions with Potato Risotto, and accompany that with a Shiraz (preferrably from Australia). View the recipe @ Epicurious
  • Another good recipe is the Fettuccine with Wilted Escarole and Mushrooms, particularly well combined with some white Semillon wine from Washington
  • Try some delicious fish dishes and if you're in New York you have plenty of options to go find some fresh one. Try some Pinot Noir with baked fish and it can work wonders. Otherwise fish combines well with white wine. 

Best dating plan to make an impression

It is always best to have planned well for your first date and do take into consideration to have alternative options to bail you out when in trouble.  Many say love always starts with a proper dinner at a romantic restaurant, but that may not always be the case.

While a restaurant is probably a good idea, your chance to impress can come from your creative thinking into doing something together, so the ice breaks more easily (especially if you're on a blind date).

So my best dating plan is as follows. Do as you please with it.

  • Meet-up in a cafe or bar near the city/town center.
  • Make sure the way to the restaurant from the bar has some nice venues to see (and comment on).
  • Find a bar with nice views of the city and have a relaxed drink.

If you manage to find yourself with your date a couple of hours after these steps, it means you have been successful.

Practical Advice For The First Date

Laura’s first advice blog about dating - Keeping some rules in your daily life can dramatically impact your ability to sustain relationships with women and keep them attracted to you.

Your first date is the one that is most likely to show you if you’ve been successful or not. Women have certain things they get annoyed about, so get to know the basics to succeed.

• Be smart but not too much and always show confidence in your speech and your body movements. Body language is crucial here.
• Keep your personal hygiene up to the highest standard and keep it that way forever.
• Sometimes being shy can lead to problems and opportunities missed. Show some real confidence in yourself and project your best abilities.
• If you’re planning to bring your date at home, just make sure it is immaculately clean and make sure other people in your bathroom can breathe.
• Find the skills you are best at and keep improving them. Only after you’ve been in a few different dates you’ll start to realize your real abilities.
• Don’t mention anything bad or strange or weird about the person you are dating. Although it may seem funny to you it probably isn’t going to help.
• Do comment on things you see her being good at and focus on being genuine.
• Just be yourself so others can know you and understand your needs.
• Wear that nasty smelling perfume you have. Women love nice smells.
• Don’t go too fast into saying how much you like her. Just wait till you both feel the same “magic in the air”.

My new blog with advice on dating women

Hello everyone,

I am opening this blog to post about my dating experiences and for what my good friends consider very helpful advice when deting women.

Others have their own interests... What excites me is to look for romance in a unique way again and again and again... Live new experiences, meet wonderful people and best of all spend some relaxing and meaningful time away from home and away from work.