Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Top 5 Free Dating Sites

So far I’ve been using some really good free dating networks for those that can not or should not use a credit card to register. These sites offer great value even if free and can help you meet new and interesting people online and possibly date offline afterwards.

So let's move on quickly, here's my top5 free dating sites. 

Plenty of Fish is one of the biggest and most famous free dating sites which any blog talking about free dating sites should mention. Very popular in Canada, the UK, Australia and the United States but also in other parts of the world, Plenty of fish is the creation of Markus Frind and relies on advertising to generate necessary revenue. A premium paid membership is also available, marking such users as “Serious”. There are reportedly over 11 million members on this network.

Woo Me is a personals and dating community with mostly people under 40 years old. It is a relatively new player in the market but its technology has been favored by users. It’s speed-dating feature where users have “speed dates” via webcam and microphone is very cool, finding you matches fast.

This free dating network with tens of thousands of users worldwide is a very reliable and “hassle-free” site to find a new date. Features are not anything great but Date Hookup is quickly becoming a favorite to users.

Its matchmaking approach and unbelievable free membership make OkCupid one of the top dating sites, competing easily with some premium services out there. Loads of people into alternative relationships and dating are using this side.

One large network with many international users and social networking applications is Casual Kiss. Casual Kiss is mostly favored by younger audiences but has many rich features.

Personally would recommend creating profiles on all of them and find out the one that you feel most comfortable using. Each has unique features and all are useful and fit the purpose of finding a date without a credit-card.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Be Wary of Your Status and Public Profile Updates on Social Networks and Dating Sites

As we become more technologically savvy, the Internet is becoming increasingly a necessary research tool of online activities of others. Think about how  many people could track your secret dating activities simply by doing a Google search.

You might also find yourself in strange and awkward situations when posting photos, real-world activity updates (think FourSquare) and other information that can link you to an activity you don't feel confident other people knowing about you, say in your work environment.

Many people I know try to use different profiles and even different simcards on their mobile phones as a security precaution, but still you may not fully realize the extent of your actions until you are confronted in a bad situation.

My Top Five - the best dating free sites

Dating sites have been online for years, but now that Internet dating becomes a clear alternative for services paid matchmaking dating online became really popular. But of course, no dating sites some costs are better than the rest.

The sites below are the best free dating sites on the web today.

 Kiss casual.This is a great site to meet with young people.Many customers are under 25 years old, and uses social networks in its connections.Occasional Kiss is fun and branché.Parfait for young professionals looking for like-minded singles in the same spirit.

OkCupid. Messenger of love is well living on this site. Apart from the fact that it is free, it still offers all the advantages of boys big image, along with personality testing. Unlike many dating sites, OkCupid allows you to connect with everyone, even to people with whom you are not compatible. It also allows you to create a profile which gives you the ability to use many different search options to find dating mates. More intimate you are looking for something just a date, you should check out AdultFriendFinder. Sexy photos here with you to find thousands of like minded adults, cases, discrete relationships and sexual encounters will demand. Best of all it is free to register so what are you waiting for?

Woo me. This is certainly one of the greatest free dating sites. Most peple on Woo me belong in the middle-aged demographic and creating a new account is quick and easy. The speed dating functionality is one of the most popular aspects of this Web site. Using this, a person can have a speed date of computer accessories.

Date of connection. If you are simply searching for a quick and easy date without any fussy long-term obligations, it is the ideal site.The Matchmaking Online website is not big on the elements, but it's so user-friendly that even those who feel very amateur with computers can use the site.

Ok there must be thousands more but I think these are some of my favorite ones.