Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cooking advice when you have to cook food

When cooking a meal for dating the important thing to remember is to cook something light. This can lead to problems you haven't probably imagined yet, so here's the full story.

Cooking something light is perfect for combining with white wine, so get your wine pairing skills up to date and cook something impressive.

Here are some tips on wine pairing:

  • Try cooking the Beef Tenderloin Medallions with Potato Risotto, and accompany that with a Shiraz (preferrably from Australia). View the recipe @ Epicurious
  • Another good recipe is the Fettuccine with Wilted Escarole and Mushrooms, particularly well combined with some white Semillon wine from Washington
  • Try some delicious fish dishes and if you're in New York you have plenty of options to go find some fresh one. Try some Pinot Noir with baked fish and it can work wonders. Otherwise fish combines well with white wine. 

Best dating plan to make an impression

It is always best to have planned well for your first date and do take into consideration to have alternative options to bail you out when in trouble.  Many say love always starts with a proper dinner at a romantic restaurant, but that may not always be the case.

While a restaurant is probably a good idea, your chance to impress can come from your creative thinking into doing something together, so the ice breaks more easily (especially if you're on a blind date).

So my best dating plan is as follows. Do as you please with it.

  • Meet-up in a cafe or bar near the city/town center.
  • Make sure the way to the restaurant from the bar has some nice venues to see (and comment on).
  • Find a bar with nice views of the city and have a relaxed drink.

If you manage to find yourself with your date a couple of hours after these steps, it means you have been successful.

Practical Advice For The First Date

Laura’s first advice blog about dating - Keeping some rules in your daily life can dramatically impact your ability to sustain relationships with women and keep them attracted to you.

Your first date is the one that is most likely to show you if you’ve been successful or not. Women have certain things they get annoyed about, so get to know the basics to succeed.

• Be smart but not too much and always show confidence in your speech and your body movements. Body language is crucial here.
• Keep your personal hygiene up to the highest standard and keep it that way forever.
• Sometimes being shy can lead to problems and opportunities missed. Show some real confidence in yourself and project your best abilities.
• If you’re planning to bring your date at home, just make sure it is immaculately clean and make sure other people in your bathroom can breathe.
• Find the skills you are best at and keep improving them. Only after you’ve been in a few different dates you’ll start to realize your real abilities.
• Don’t mention anything bad or strange or weird about the person you are dating. Although it may seem funny to you it probably isn’t going to help.
• Do comment on things you see her being good at and focus on being genuine.
• Just be yourself so others can know you and understand your needs.
• Wear that nasty smelling perfume you have. Women love nice smells.
• Don’t go too fast into saying how much you like her. Just wait till you both feel the same “magic in the air”.

My new blog with advice on dating women

Hello everyone,

I am opening this blog to post about my dating experiences and for what my good friends consider very helpful advice when deting women.

Others have their own interests... What excites me is to look for romance in a unique way again and again and again... Live new experiences, meet wonderful people and best of all spend some relaxing and meaningful time away from home and away from work.