Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How to approach a woman you never knew before

How can I seduce a nice girl I am starring at in the bar? This is perhaps one of the most frequently asked dating questions and certainly there is no easy answer to this. It all depends on the environment you both happen to be in, other people who may be interfering etc. So it all comes down to your specific situation.

Seduction (meaning attraction) is not about some secret or magic skills that will “make the trick" and make women instantly fall in love. It is a natural consequence from a series of actions and reactions and the only way to be successful in this is to have worked some quality skills which can help you manage each situation accordingly.

Instead of focusing on a fantastic magic trick, let’s get the facts right and get better at seducing women. Here are my top 2 dating tips that all men need to work out to be more successful with their dating efforts.

- Observation

When you are in a bar or other public place, the first thing to do is start observing the women that seem to be alone or seem to be "playing games" with their eyes and smiles. When you do notice some interesting presence in the crowd, start observing what she does or what she talks about with her friend. Also try to notice things like a tattoo, a truly nice piece of jewelry, etc. That should give you plenty of ideas regarding what her immediate interests are. That way when the time is right, you have things to start a chat and gain her interest.

- The big step

Recently I was offering some counseling and advice service to someone who had trouble approaching women (let alone seducing them). The most troublesome of his experiences is when he likes a woman whom he never met before and wants to approach and get to meet with her. It is much easier than most men think, as long as you keep cool, show confidence and read my other blog posts for more advice and tips on how to improve your skills.

Stop thinking about your sexual appetites for a minute and just play it plain and cool. Don't act heavily and do not cause the woman to fall in 2 minutes.

It is as simple as having something to comment on and get yourself up there and make that comment without letting fear or anything else come in your way. Play safe and cool and it all will go well.

And don't get into the disappointing mode if you get rejected. Not every woman is free and up for dating. Gently walk and move on to the next adventure. In the end you have nothing to lose and you may as well never meet that woman ever in your life again.

And make pretty well sure you have some good comment to make, rather than "I love your boobies babe".

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Be pleased but also be a pleasant lover

It is nice to be pleased by a fancy lady but in a date theres always 2 sides dating not just you. It is important to your success to understand that women were not meant to be pleasing in bed but also need some tender pleasure.

Put interesting things and acts together that you both enjoy and who knows, you might have a very nice treat every now and then. It is a give and get situation and it is important that both parties have an equal share of the pleasure pie.

Also don't just act for your temporal surge and then sleep. Make sure the chemistry and atmosphere is right before jumping into your game.

No Condoms No Excuse

Men tend to not have grown up sometimes. What do you mean you want to have sex even if you forgot your fancy night glowing condoms? This is not only dangerous for yourself but is dangerous for the women you get in contact with.

So rule #1 and must have is at least 3 condoms in your wallet or coat.

Improve Your Approaching Skills Even More

Those who are into perfecting their method, should always be on the watch out for reasons for starting a real chat.
  • Show confidence – Women can easily fall to someone as long as he is inspiring confidence into his talk, motion and body language.
  • Use the right color combination and pay extra attention to the shoes and rule 5 in my 7 rules to Approach a Woman blog.
  • Don't overdo your trendy grooming. If it is evening, wear something sporty and casual but also smart dressing.
  • Talk about pleasant and entertaining topics. Find something she loves doing.
  • Continue to smile and be funny. Entertainment is the key here along with comfort and a nice atmosphere flying in the air.
 There are possibly many more things that can get you moving with your approaching skills. You can always watch others how they do it in places you go. There are definitely lines that can make a big difference and get a woman to be attracted to you. 

And don't be afraid to go after some marvelous girl you see sitting at the opposite side of the bar. Following these simple rules can improve your dating success rate. Just be genuine and original as much as possible.

The 7 Rules for Approaching a Woman

There are 7 rules men need to take into consideration in order to approach a woman directly. Anything less is doomed to fail.

The rules apply for when being in a bar or other public place, a restaurant or wherever you see a woman you really fancy.
  • Good sense of humor without using common and boring jokes.
  • Fantastic sense of freshness and cleanliness.
  • A promising smile all along the duration of your first contact
  • Be shiny, polished and well groomed. Each time you go out.
  • Watch your shoes and always use the same color for your shoes and belt.
  • Be entertaining and interesting. No one wants to hang out with a silent person.
  • Keep good eye contact.
Follow these and let me know how it went.