Sunday, October 9, 2011

The great kiss for dating success

Don't give yourself into passionately kissing using primarily your tongue and not your lips. Both women and men enjoy a certain amount of kissing. Certain so it can please and not become a nuisance.

Experiment with your partner and don't immediately get into too much passion as this can get in the way of your dating success. After you've told your match how magical it feels with him/her with you and how beautiful he/she looks, try to experiment with what your date enjoys and not how it is meant to be for you.

Enjoy the kissing and always look for new ways of kissing which will provide better satisfaction and more enjoyment for both, and to avoid it becoming a rather monotonous habit. Alongside what everyone enjoys is what makes the other happy as well. Just don't push it to the limits.

Also try to be in private first until you realize what your date feels comfortable with. Sometimes in crowded places emotions can run dry, especially during the first dates. Being in public adds another pressure which you probably want to avoid. Having a clean breath also adds to the enjoyment so make sure you get yourself into the habit of brushing your teeth at least twice daily for lasting results.