Friday, March 19, 2010

How to keep your relationship healthy when married with kids

Women tend to live more lively these days with many now doing professional careers and are away from home for many hours each day. Daily life can become dull and meaningless when you start to think more about the problems than the things you love.

Having kids makes that even harder and problems with your wife can start becoming a frustration. So how do you spice up your relationship?

A woman can be deeply hurt if she feels that she is not wanted. That is when you might notice her behavior starts to change and she begins questioning things and trying to make a point.

Personally think it all starts from our sex lives. If we can’t find harmony, fulfillment and happiness in our sexual lives then life itself starts becoming dull and boring, something that also influences our relationships.

Freshness always keeps us going through our work lives, so either you spend some meaningful time together or just forget about it altogether. Start doing things you both like and not just what you only like. Try to bridge that communication gap and talk about the problems with your relationship or marriage with your woman.

If that doesn’t work take some time off. Spend 2-3 weeks away and then meet-up again to see how it feels. Does it feel fresh? Do some of the initial magic in your relationship still dominates the atmosphere?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes then you probably need to reconsider your behavior and make your woman do the same. Spend some good time together and cheer up your kids as well. If too many such problems start to happen in your relationship, they can also affect your kids so start making a wise choice for yourself and everyone else.

So do take that occasional luxury hotel private moments, do go out for a lovely meal, do join in with friends and start moving on with thinking more about what you love than what turns you down.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

More success for your dating and relationships

Wondering how to become more successful with women? Success depends on the very specialized task of making sure you are attractive to women and best of all that you can understand their aspirations, way of thinking, their feelings and other stuff

Most males will argue that females are very strange beings with unusual mind-set, but they fail to address the needs of the woman they refer to. They fail to understand her needs, fail to take corrective action, fail to think outside their selfishness. Understanding the other half of your relationship and avoiding to impose your way of thinking into her mentality can dramatically improve your “status” in your woman’s eyes and your relationship will enter a completely new era.

If you feel that this is not something that suits your character or your ego, just stop it right there and avoid driving your relationship in more painful situations for both yourself and your woman. Just be sincere and walk off. Nobody can prove you wrong and most importantly you can focus on things you love most without the disturbance of your relationship.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Which day of the week is best for dating?

Some people prefer to date during weekends. Married men tend to date girfriends during weekdays so as not to raise suspicions.

But what is the ideal day for dating?

I'd say Saturdays are always best. You don't have to go to work the following day, you can stay out drinking and partying longer.

On the other hand, many likeminded people do the same on Saturdays, so most proper places are overbooked, noisy and can be unpleasant.

Going at a restaurant which is packed full is not my ideal scenario for dating. The buzz around you makes dating unexpected and can destroy the magic (if any).

Those who can afford it, booking at a luxury hotel and not having to care is best, but if you prefer your place you need to prepare and follow my earlier advice.

Also women tend to enjoy the fun at a "buzzy" nightclub, or a bar. But during weekdays this can be a lot of fun in a very pleasant environment.

When a girl is let down...

Men lose patience and make careless decisions when they feel rejected, starting to get furious, feel treated bad etc.

Usually small little details don't matter. For example you might have dated a girl who does not want to get into a steady relationship.

The reason may be quite unbelievable, but try to think about the woman you are dating, her needs within the context of events happening that may keep her focus on anything other than having a lovely relationship with a man and focusing on getting a family together.

Timing is of essence here and don't get yourself into the silly arguments of the type "but you are living in New York, I am living in New York, so nothing can go wrong"...

Just face it like a man and move on. There's plenty of girls, women, ready for anything you wanna do (almost)...