Saturday, March 6, 2010

More success for your dating and relationships

Wondering how to become more successful with women? Success depends on the very specialized task of making sure you are attractive to women and best of all that you can understand their aspirations, way of thinking, their feelings and other stuff

Most males will argue that females are very strange beings with unusual mind-set, but they fail to address the needs of the woman they refer to. They fail to understand her needs, fail to take corrective action, fail to think outside their selfishness. Understanding the other half of your relationship and avoiding to impose your way of thinking into her mentality can dramatically improve your “status” in your woman’s eyes and your relationship will enter a completely new era.

If you feel that this is not something that suits your character or your ego, just stop it right there and avoid driving your relationship in more painful situations for both yourself and your woman. Just be sincere and walk off. Nobody can prove you wrong and most importantly you can focus on things you love most without the disturbance of your relationship.

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