Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ways to improve your love

As mentioned in my previous blog post, mutual respect is a deciding factor in a relationship. Learn how to improve your love with Laura's practical dating and relationships tips.

  • Make sure your communications channels are clear and open
  • Your woman needs to see in actions that you understand her needs
  • Sure there can be problems but try to find the most acceptable solution for you both. Oh and make sure you stick to it
  • Care for your woman is not only for her sexual needs but also to understand her feelings and behavior during the time you spend together.
  • You may find that sometimes she is not up to having sex at random times during the day every day.
  • Violence leads to unnecessary and terminal relationship problems which are long-term and almost impossible to achieve. Violence, whether physical, sexual or mental, is very inhumane way for men to show their muscular superiority against unprotected minors.

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