Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Most Significant Unhealthy Relationship Sign

When you are in a short relationship with a woman you usually don't bother looking into the "health status" of your relationship with your date. But when thinking of switching your dating to long-term, then there are always things that start to frustrate you and make you feel anything but secure.

Start taking the facts down and start to think long-term as well. Are you prepared to have to live with the problems already experienced with your woman? And if yes, will that be for the rest of your life?

Start thinking about your future as well as this is something very crucial before committing yourself into any long-term relationship.

Mutual Respect

Perhaps the most important factor is respect. If you don't feel you get the respect you deserve then start thinking about your exit strategy.

When there are comments flying around at random times (during arguments or while spending some precious time together) like those that are negative for your professional life or other lifestyle aspiration you have, then it is time to start forgetting about any long-term relationship plans.

From my personal experience and from that of some friends, loss of respect by your woman towards yourself is a sign she does not want to compromise and respect your needs and aspirations apart from doing the homework for you, or anything else she may be claiming.

It is not the end of the world to start thinking negatively and questioning your date's attitude and overall behavior against you.

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