Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Improve Your Approaching Skills Even More

Those who are into perfecting their method, should always be on the watch out for reasons for starting a real chat.
  • Show confidence – Women can easily fall to someone as long as he is inspiring confidence into his talk, motion and body language.
  • Use the right color combination and pay extra attention to the shoes and rule 5 in my 7 rules to Approach a Woman blog.
  • Don't overdo your trendy grooming. If it is evening, wear something sporty and casual but also smart dressing.
  • Talk about pleasant and entertaining topics. Find something she loves doing.
  • Continue to smile and be funny. Entertainment is the key here along with comfort and a nice atmosphere flying in the air.
 There are possibly many more things that can get you moving with your approaching skills. You can always watch others how they do it in places you go. There are definitely lines that can make a big difference and get a woman to be attracted to you. 

And don't be afraid to go after some marvelous girl you see sitting at the opposite side of the bar. Following these simple rules can improve your dating success rate. Just be genuine and original as much as possible.


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